Environmental Policy

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At Falcon Engineering 95 Pty Ltd, we regard protection of the environment to be an important aspect of our operations and good corporate citizenship. We are committed to protecting the environment including the prevention of pollution through the adoption of sound management and operating practices.



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To control and minimize the environmental impact of our operation on the environment and operating practices. We will create and implement initiatives to:

Reduce, re-use and recycle waste to improve sustainability of natural resources and reduce landfill;

Reduce energy use to minimize our global greenhouse emission footprint;

Store and use all materials responsibly to reduce their potential release to the atmosphere, soil or water;

Procure raw materials and products that have been responsibly produced;

Comply with all environmental legislation and other compliance obligations relevant to our products and activities;

Establish objectives and targets; and

Promote environmental awareness amongst our employees through continuous education, encouraging participation in community initiatives, and training;

Ensure that subcontractors and suppliers conform to relevant requirements of our Environmental Management System.

Monitor enhance and environmental continually improve performance. the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.