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Falcon Engineering is a privately owned company that was established in the early 1950’s by Leonardus Gysbertus Bossong.

Arriving in Australia from Holland in the 1950’s where he had previously served with the Air Force. Len, who was a highly skilled draftsman, initially gained employment at the whaling station in Carnarvon as a welder fabricator.

Sometime later after leaving Carnarvon and moving to Perth, Len was employed as a welder fabricator by the State Energy Commission in Belmont fabricating various electrical manufactured steel pole hardware items. Len very quickly recognized an opportunity to start a business fabricating line components for the S.E.C. One day while Len was fabricating street light brackets which the S.E.C. was paying about nine shillings and sixpence for each, Len offered to make them for fewer than five shillings each, and suggested if they were to give him an order for 50 or more, he would start straight away.

Len received orders for a range of components and commenced working from the back of an old farm shed on a property on the corner of Belgravia Street and Alexander Road in Belmont. Some time later he purchased part of this land in Alexander Road Belmont where he later built and set up a small factory unit.

Len continued to grow the company moving into a factory unit in Knutsford Ave Belmont, where he remained until the late 70’s when he built a new facility in Hodgson Way in Kewdale. At this point in time the company was engaged in Structural Steel fabrication, had a foundry dealing mainly in non-ferrous metals, and a very busy fabrication and assembly shop producing switchgear and line hardware for the S.E.C.

Falcon Engineering changed ownership in 1995 when John Lucivero became the owner (Thus the beginning of Falcon Engineering 95.) John quickly took control of Falcon Engineering 95 and worked tirelessly, continuing to deliver the products and services our customers have come to expect and rely upon. John also began to explore new markets for opportunities to develop new products.

For nearly 60 years Falcon Engineering has been fabricating, servicing and supplying Western Power (formerly S.E.C.WA.) with high quality line components. Currently we fabricate and supply a diverse range of products to companies such as ABB Australia, Downer Engineering, K.E.C. Kambalda, Zenith Pacific, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Atco Gas, SCEE, Powerlines Plus & Brookfield Multiplex

Our clients are given the integrity and honesty they deserve, with a strong commitment to delivering excellence in engineering solutions, through seamless communication and service, enabling us to forge strong business relationships with our customers.

Please contact one of our highly motivated management team at Falcon Engineering 95 to discuss your requirements. All enquires are welcome.