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Regulator compounds

In 2006, Falcon Engineering 95 was approached by Western Power to design and fabricate Regulator Compounds to be installed at new regulator sites across the state of Western Australia. The Regulator Compounds comprise and array of materials including Structural Steel Columns and Posts, a set of large Structural Steel gates to allow for service vehicles access to the regulator site, and a set of personnel gates. We also fabricate the aerial cable support columns and cable clamps where the cables are fed up and over the regulators for connection.

The Regulator Compound Enclosure has been developed and designed with the aim of guarding the safety of the general public. The posts of the compounds are designed for the insertion of barbed wire to restrict public access into the compound by people trying to climb over and into the compound, where there is an extremely high risk of severe injury and death.

The compounds are clad with a special grade of 1.0mm thick colourbond sheeting specifically fabricated for this kind of enclosure. The sheets are attached using anti tamper screws such that the sheets cannot be easily removed. The heavy vehicle access gates of the structure are assembled onto specially designed 20mm hinge pins to eliminate the possibility of lifting and removal.

The first Regulator Compound was installed near Denmark in the south-west around October 2006. Subsequently we have fabricated 25 Regulator Compounds for different sites around Western Australia.

More recently, Falcon has increased the level of service to Western Power by offering a complete solution that includes delivery of a compound kit to site, site preparation and installation of the compound. The most recent regulator compounds projects have been carried out by Falcon as an end to end project including Fabrication, Supply and Installation.

Regulator Compounds have been delivered and installed to locations such as Lancelin, Moonyoonooka, Collie, Preston Beach, Brunswick, Byford, Busselton, Margaret River, Wooroloo, Gwindinup, Williams, Yanchep and Boddington.