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Power Poles Manufacturing Bibra Lake

Power Poles

For many years, Falcon Engineering has been fabricating steel poles for distribution purposes. Our standard range includes the list below.

  • Round 9.5m Power Poles rated to 5kn;
  • Round 11.0m Power poles 219mm diameter Pole kN ratings
  • Round 12.5m Power Poles 273mm diameter Pole kN ratings

Structural Construction ‘A’ Frame Power Poles

  • ‘A’ Frame 9.5m Power Poles kN ratings
  • ‘A’ Frame 11.0m Power Poles kN ratings
  • ‘A’ Frame 12.5m Power Poles kN ratings
  • up to ‘A’ Frame 14.0m Power Poles kN ratings

Please ask for a quote for Falcon Engineering to fabricate steel power poles to suit your requirements.